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Handwriting Zones - The balance.

UZ - Upper Zone - Planning Thinking Philosophy Music Books
MZ - Middle Zone - Organizing Pleasure Present
LZ - Lower Zone - Execution Money Sports Sex 

Zones : Division of writing into three zones was developed in the 1920s by Max Pulver, Swiss graphologist.

  • Middle zone measured from baseline to top of letter (such as a, o, etc.); includes emotional expression of feelings, ego, habit, everyday social contacts.
  • Upper zone reaches above middle zone (such as 1, h, etc.); includes intellectual expression of theoretical thinking, intangible ideas, spiritual ideals, and cultural tastes.
  • Lower zone falls below baseline (such as g, y, etc.); includes physical expression involving actions, material needs, biological urges, and instinctual drives.

Letters having ascends are : b, d, h, k, l, t and f. All these letters are bi-zonal, except f which is tri-zonal.
Letters having descends are : g ,j ,p ,q ,y , z and f. All these are bi-zonal, except f which is tri-zonal.
Mono - zonal letters are: a , c, e, i, m, n, o, r, s, u, v, w and x.

Tip: Occasionally the p will be written with an upward stem, putting it in all three zones.

Large capitals at the beginning of the line. Capitals having good size.

  • People who cares for authority and taking initiatives.


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