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not tending to believe in other people's honesty or sincerity; suspicious.

Lower Zone Retracing

Lower Zone Retracing is more difficult. Seen in alphabets y’s, g’s, and sometimes j ‘s. 180* angle = Stress

  • Untrusting

Antisocial - Shown when the lower loops of y’s, g’s, and sometimes j ‘s are retraced completely. The anti-social person does not trust anyone and rarely lets people get close enough to really know him. He fears getting hurt emotionally. This is a roadblock to intimacy.

Retraced y

Retraced y.

  • Trying to control their earthly/sexual drives.
  • Control over Lower Zone.
  • Stress.
  • Goes by beaten path. Does what other people do.

Tip: The inherit the Lower Zone Retracing traits.

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