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not welcoming or friendly.



When - No Time or No Spelling.

  • They have difficulty in communications across.
  • Lack clear communication.
  • They feel misunderstood by other people.
  • The confidence has gone low. MZ Low - unconfident
  • Person is intelligent with good UZ.
  • Chance of miscommunication.
  • Intelligent but not approachable.
  • Expect others to understand.
  • Poor in expression.
  • Quick mind, creative.


What to say

Type F and G Slant

Type F Slant. [Minimum one parent is strict]

  • Very few close friends.
  • They chose friends. The friends are who understand them without expressing themselves.
  • Strict rules and regulations.
  • Outside house very comfortable.
  • Avoid honking when driving.
  • Philosophical - Good philosophers. Like to stay alone.


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