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showing or tending to have a belief in a person's honesty or sincerity; not suspicious.

Lower Zone

LZ - Lower Zone - Execution

LZ - Lower Zone - Depth of lower zone. - More is stronger.
Study of depth of LZ is done via letter y
How deep they go to gratify their earthly drives.
'Deep down your memory lane'
Sex Money Physical Activities Sports Earthly Drives, Past.

The UZ Upper Zone and LZ Lower Zone come back to MZ Middle Zone. To realty.

Ruled Paper Above Baselines

Consistently written above the line. [See Perpendicular]

  • Within the framework they are making their rules and regulations.
  • Love to work in their own way.
  • Father (parents) never forced them into anything.
  • Was given a lot of freedom.
  • Will not question others, trusting.

Notice: Handwriting baselines above the ruled paper.

Just above baseline on ruled paper.

Trusting y

  • Faith in people. Lot of. Others.

All the traits of Complete Y are present.

  • Complete tasks to good extent.
  • Does not follow the beaten path.
  • Does not repeat past mistakes.
  • Learns from past mistakes.
  • Does have enough fun in living.
  • The give their 100% in areas of achievement, money, relationship.
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