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fond of or given to talking.

Crammed Line Spacing

Crammed Line Spacing

What to say

You are a person who may be considered by others as uptight:

Top Open

Top Open

With strong Middle Zones - Extremely talkative.

Talkative - Open circle letters such as a’s and o’s. The less connected the upper part of these letters are, the more they must move their mouth. Sometimes they will talk just to hear their own voice.

With strong Lower Zones - Open to new ideas.

Notice: Alphabet 'a' open in word 'Thank'

Garlands Connection

Garlands Connection

“Garland” if the pen moves overhand, or clockwise, producing rounded letter formations.

Open from top a

Open from top a

With strong MZ middle zone

  • Blabbermouth - Extremely talkative.
  • Indiscreet - Cannot keep secrets.

With strong UZ upper zone

  • Open to new ideas.

An open a signifies a talkative nature... it also indicates gullibility.

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