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feel or express sympathy.
feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else's misfortune.

Figure 8 S

Figure 8 S

  • Sympathize, then pile on; do not let you go.

Notice: The alphabet S in name Shaikh.

Pile-on S

Notice: Initials 'SS'

Sympathetic Action S

Sympathetic Action S 

  • Generally sympathetic.
  • Doesn't speak, takes action.

Such people do not show sympathy but actually they are sympathetic.

Balanced S

Balanced S

  • Has balance.

These people are soft, generous and sympathetic.

Notice: Word 'so' prominent in second word.

Balanced s alphabet

Starting Stroke S

Starting Stroke S

  • Takes a lot of time to sympathize.

They tend to waste time and also take time to understand things. The long starting stroke shows immaturity.

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