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the ability to control oneself, in particular one's emotions and desires, especially in difficult situations.

Retraced d Stem

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Retraced stem of d

  • Capable of mentally controlling his physical ideas (self).
  • Controlling their physical needs

Enhancement with A Slant.




“Arcade” if the pen moves underhand, or counter-clockwise, producing saw-toothed letter formations.

Straight Baselines

Straight Baselines. (Straightish)

  • Goal - Targets, focus.
  • Aim and objective are fairly clear.
  • With clear aims and objectives the travel line is shorter.
  • Thus success is more available to straight baselines.
  • Those who plan are better than people who have no plan.
  • Waste less time. Things are fast.
  • People who have received consistent guidance have straightish baselines. Mostly from the father figure.

What to say

You are a person with strong emotional control:

Convex Shaped t Crossbar - Self-control

Convex Shaped t Crossbar.

This is a convex cross bar. Such people are on self improvement drives e.g., dieting, reducing weight.

Pandering Restraints D

  • Has desire to be pandering but controls. Retraced.

Retraced M

Retraced M

  • Self-control - They are controlling themselves.
  • Retraced processing. They feel they cannot make decisions.


  • All the retraced letters.

Notice: Words Sometimes, must, most

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