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one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure within a particular area of activity.

Type F and G Slant

Type F Slant. [Minimum one parent is strict]

  • Very few close friends.
  • They chose friends. The friends are who understand them without expressing themselves.
  • Strict rules and regulations.
  • Outside house very comfortable.
  • Avoid honking when driving.
  • Philosophical - Good philosophers. Like to stay alone.


Ruled Paper Below Plain Paper Baselines

People who keep lined paper below the unlined paper.

  • Follow rules and regulations.
  • They will like to be guided by rules and regulations.
  • They have mindset to follow rules and regulations due to earlier enforcement.
  • Father expects lot from them.
  • Take external support and project themselves as independent. 

Ruled Paper Between Line Baselines

Write on/over the line.

  • Genuine Rebels
  • They break the rules.

Notice: Words 'Him His sister my dad'

Ruled Paper On Line Baselines

On the line.

  • They follow rules and regulations.
  • Father disciplinarian.
  • Stick to rules.

Ruled Paper Preference Baselines

People who write on ruled paper [Preference to ruled paper]

  • They need rules and regulations.
  • They like to abide and be guided by rules and regulations.
  • Prefer to be ruled.

PPI with father influence

PPI with father influence.

Case 1 - Only lower side left loop.

  • More influenced by father then mother.

Case 2 - Top and bottom left loops.

  • Father and mother made different rules.
  • The father and mother have difference of opinion.
  • The person is confused.
  • Father and mother different. [Compatibility Space Personalty]

Notice: Two words in the last line - It and I

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