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relating to the body as opposed to the mind.

Moderate Width Lower Zone Loops

Moderate Width Lower Zone Loops

Physically Experimental - Shown by very long and big loops in the lower zones y, g, and p. They will demand variety in their physical activities, which must satisfy their insatiable physical desires. Sexually, they can be very demanding and often creative.

What to say

You are imaginative and fun loving, ready for anything:

You seem to have good self-confidence and a strong sex drive. You tend to be willing to branch out into uncharted waters.

Upper Zone of d

UZ in d is very high. They 'feel' they are very good physically.

UZ in d is high. They are concerned about physical.

UZ in d is normal. They are comfortable. Smaller, more comfortable.

Physically Active P

P Loop

  • Physically Active

Desire for More Physical Activity - Shown by average to large loops in the lower case p. The larger the loop the stronger the desire is for more physical activity. This could include any physical activity such as exercise, travel, or sex. Verify this tendency by looking at the y loops.


Notice: Word 'playing'

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