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gone by in time and no longer existing.

Left Hook

Hook in the past - Left - Hooked (stuck) to past idea (UZ), event (MZ), action (LZ).

Acquisitive - Shown by tiny hooks at the beginning of words. If hook is in the middle zone, this is a need to acquire material things. If in upper zone, it is a need to acquire knowledge, ideas, or education.

Left Hook Curved 

Notice: Words will with

Seeking Advice Stress Connection of t

There is the formation of an angle at lower end of 't', which shows stress. Such people simultaneously takes advice from and fights with their parents. Most of the time they compromise.

  • Goes back to past (parents) with stress.
  • Always seeking guidance with stress. (fights with guide)

Seeking Advice Connection of t

Stroke goes back to the past. Such person go back to their parent figure for confidence. There is a knot, which shows unnecessary complications.

  • Keen to get advice from parents.
  • The moment see problem goes back.
  • Always seeking guidance.

Notice: Word 'toward' seen in first top handwriting sample.

Living in past and stressful y

  • Stressful due to angles.
  • Living in the past.
  • Starting of a claw in y formation.

Lives in Past y

  • Loner
  • Lives in the past.
  • Feels past was much better.
  • Past memories are important.
  • At times there is a chance they may repeat mistakes.
  • Past memories hound them a lot.
  • Lonely.

These people do not use past experiences to enhance their present/future. They sometimes feel lonely and are stuck with old memories.

Irritation Past i Dotting

Left side - Irritated with past.

Past Hooked Rounded h

Past Hooked Rounded h

Past Angular Stressed Hooked h

Past Hooked h

  • Hooked (stuck) to past idea (UZ), event (MZ), action (LZ).
  • Intelligent (angles)
  • Stress due to angle formation.
  • They think the past was better than today.

Tip: They inherit the left hook traits.

Stubborn Starting Stroke h

Starting Stroke h

  • Stubborn
  • Will hold on.
  • Immaturity
  • Wastage of time.
  • Will take time to start work, due to starting stroke formation.

Observation: They speak more with their relatives. They give time to relatives (past aka left side).

Past Romantic Ideas K

The loop of second stroke is behind the stem. 

  • He thought of romantic ideas in past.
  • Now no way now.

Notice: Word know

Past romantic ideas K


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