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consisting in or characterized by the absence rather than the presence of distinguishing features.
(of a person, attitude, or situation) not desirable or optimistic.

Negative Pastocity

Negative Pastocity.

  • Cutting Blotting Scratching.
  • Re-writing or scratching is negative pastocity.
  • Watching graphic violent movies.

Notice: Re-writing

Suicidal Baselines

Suicidal Baselines

  • Normal. Cheerful. Good talking.
  • They have rigid or straightish lines.
  • Give up a the end.

The line/s at the end that falls.
It should be only one or maximum twice.

Tip: Technically it is relatively difficult to identify in a living person.

Graphology Reading = Character Reading. [Thoughts > Words > Action > Habit > Character]
But suicidal tendency is up to action. No Habit No Character.

Descending Baselines

Descending Baselines Slight

  • Depression in motivator of either health, wealth of relationships.
  • Pessimistic.

Too Descending Baselines

  • More depression
  • More pessimism
  • Negative characteristics.
  • Want someone to sympathize.
  • Attention seeking.
  • Lonely.

What to say

You are a cautious person who may at times be pessimistic:

Extra Small Legible Handwriting

Extra Small Handwriting - [Miniature Legible]

  • Principle of Exaggeration. Positively.
  • Capable of looking at small things in a big way.
  • Capable of detailed research.
  • Ingenious - They can be genius.

Tip: This can be negative when other aspects are not proper. [Like margins]

What to say

You are thought of as a deep thinker:

Rolled Stroke y

Rolled Stroke y

  • Not just past. Circles inside.
  • Negative.
  • Indulgence
  • Stuck in LZ
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