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the fact or process of losing something or someone.

Broken Bag y


The loop of the y in the lower zone is broken.

  • Loosing things.
  • Lost money
  • Loosing money.
  • Lost in sports
  • Loosing in sports.

Observation: Seen when people loose money in stock.

These writers, over a period of time, tends to lose their possessions or the things they have collected. The chances of losing items of value are high. For example money, securities, property.

Bottom Open

Bottom Open

Alphabets a and o open from bottom is a cheat.

Certain people tend to write their 'a' in this way.
It is an indication that they are letting slip all the positive or good things. These persons can lie through the skin of their teeth. For such people lying becomes more of a habit and a natural part of their character. Certainly someone whom you have to avoid at all costs!

Any letter open from down but supposed to be closed - Leakages Losses.

Other letters open on a lower level. B  P p and g.


Overall in handwriting if there is a break, then that person is going through major disturbance in their life.

Image Place Holder Nervous Breakdown

Body's inability to sustain. The brain is not consistent on paper. The brain is inconsistent.

The location of break will indicate problem.

  • UZ Break - Head Neck Shoulders eyes Nose.
  • MZ Break - Skin Spine Kidney Lungs Heart.
  • LZ Break - Financial loss Material loss Pelvic area Legs.

Break in Underscore

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