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sad because one has no friends or company.

Descending Baselines

Descending Baselines Slight

  • Depression in motivator of either health, wealth of relationships.
  • Pessimistic.

Too Descending Baselines

  • More depression
  • More pessimism
  • Negative characteristics.
  • Want someone to sympathize.
  • Attention seeking.
  • Lonely.

What to say

You are a cautious person who may at times be pessimistic:

After Cheating Stuck y

This formation inherits all the features of claw in y and in additon details given below.

  • After cheating stuck
  • Complication
  • Wasting time
  • Gets caught

Observation: The claw formation develops mostly in joint (large) families. They see duality in the home by mother for family members.


Lives in Past y

  • Loner
  • Lives in the past.
  • Feels past was much better.
  • Past memories are important.
  • At times there is a chance they may repeat mistakes.
  • Past memories hound them a lot.
  • Lonely.

These people do not use past experiences to enhance their present/future. They sometimes feel lonely and are stuck with old memories.

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