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the state of feeling annoyed, impatient, or slightly angry.

Monotonous Garlands

Monotonous Garlands

Monotony : Consistent repetition or excessive regularity of any letter form.

  • Boring
  • Soft, friendly, constructive, continuously. 
  • Monotonous to the level of living irritation. 

Angular Left Hooked t Crossbar

Angular Left Hooked t  

A hook on the left side. These people feel that their parents were partial and unfair in their treatment either in their favor or against them. They had irritation in their past life. Such people don't like partiality, for or against themselves.

  • Someone was partial in past. (Favoring or disfavoring)


Arch Reverse i Dotting

Arch Reverse i Dotting

  • Irritation.
  • More open.

Arch i Dotting

Arch i Dotting

  • Irritated
  • Hide more.

Notice: Words 'silent patronized'

Irritation Almighty i Dotting

Upward - Irritated with almighty god.

Observation: They have to cremate their own children.

Notice: Words 'Price is'


Irritation Oneself i Dotting

Downward - Irritated with oneself.

Notice: Word you're in

Irritation with self i dotting

Irritation Others i Dotting

Irritation mark (Club Stroke)

Right side - Irritated with others.

Irritation Past i Dotting

Left side - Irritated with past.

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