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having or showing intelligence, especially of a high level.

Alphabet G like 9


This shows someone with good math skills, plus some unusually proficiency in language arts and logic. It is probably true that they also more intelligent than average.

G as 9 represents something is incomplete in one's life. The person feels frustrated with regards to his physical needs and desires. Somewhere in his life there is some disappointment, non-fulfillment, and interruption...may be somebody is missing which the person cared for.

Extra Wavy Baselines

Extra Wavy Baselines

What to say

You may be an opportunist:

You may be a person who is considered to be insincere. You are probably an opportunist who takes advantage of any and all opportunities. Some may have the tendency to accuse you of fraud and the accusations may or may not be true. One thing is sure, you have the intelligence, charm and wit to defend your actions in such a way that your accusers will probably be entertained, even as they find fault with you.



When - No Time or No Spelling.

  • They have difficulty in communications across.
  • Lack clear communication.
  • They feel misunderstood by other people.
  • The confidence has gone low. MZ Low - unconfident
  • Person is intelligent with good UZ.
  • Chance of miscommunication.
  • Intelligent but not approachable.
  • Expect others to understand.
  • Poor in expression.
  • Quick mind, creative.


What to say

Sharp r

Sharp r

  • Very sharp
  • Intelligent 
  • Can appreciate music and fine arts.
  • Their performance is not good.

Notice: Word 'rolls'

Angular Arch i Dotting

Angular ​Arch i Dotting

  • Very clever
  • Very sharp
  • Intelligent
  • Sharp detailing

Notice: Words Friends, Everything, invisible, with

Angular Arch i dotting in graphology

Past Hooked Rounded h

Past Hooked Rounded h

Past Angular Stressed Hooked h

Past Hooked h

  • Hooked (stuck) to past idea (UZ), event (MZ), action (LZ).
  • Intelligent (angles)
  • Stress due to angle formation.
  • They think the past was better than today.

Tip: They inherit the left hook traits.

Retraced h

Retraced Upper Zone 

  • Restricts himself in giving ideas.
  • Level of confidence is low.
  • Controlled. Controls thoughts.
  • Not lacking intelligence.

Tip: They will inherit Upper Zone Retracing traits.

Notice: Words 'things touch the'

Balloon h

Balloon h

  • Religious
  • Pious
  • Intelligent, full of.
  • Confused
  • Difficult to choose the right thing.
  • They carry lot of (relevant and irrelevant) knowledge.

Tip: If all three zones are well defined, they are good at executing their ideas.


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