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acting or done without forethought.

No Margins

No Margins

  • Compulsively busy.
  • Need to fill all available time with activity.
  • "Leaving no stone unturned". 

Notice: Handwriting of Charles Dickens’ writing A Christmas Carol

Type E Slant

Type E Slant. (125-130* on a perpendicular)

  • Uncontrolled expression of emotions.
  • Dirty bundle of emotions.
  • Absolutely impulsive.
  • Dirtily pampered.

Type D Slant

Type D Slant

  • Emotionally explosive person.
  • They can gift a person and fight the same day.
  • Very impulsive.
  • Very pampered by parent figures.

Type C Slant

Type C Slant

Impulsive i Dotting

Impulsive - Into looking for details.

  • Uncontrolled speech.
  • Detective eye.

Notice: Words 'Clip in tip ink'


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