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the state of being immature or not fully grown.

Middle Zone

MZ - Middle Zone - Organizing Present Pleasure

Present Zone - Realty Zone

MZ - Middle Zone - Strong middle zone means weak upper zone.
Exercise: Try to write 'and we went to picnic to Mumbai.' in all middle zone.

Jealous h

Jealous h

Stubborn Starting Stroke h

Starting Stroke h

  • Stubborn
  • Will hold on.
  • Immaturity
  • Wastage of time.
  • Will take time to start work, due to starting stroke formation.

Observation: They speak more with their relatives. They give time to relatives (past aka left side).

Starting Stroke S

Starting Stroke S

  • Takes a lot of time to sympathize.

They tend to waste time and also take time to understand things. The long starting stroke shows immaturity.

Starting Stroke

Beginning stroke : Initial stroke, may or may not be necessary to the basic letter form. May be a flourish, straight, curved, long, or short stroke; also called lead-in stroke.

Starting stroke

  • Wastage of time
  • Immature

Starting Stroke Stretched. - Doesn't start quickly.

Wide Starting Stroke - Takes time to understand things. Immature.

Alphabet h can have a starting stroke in the Upper Zone.

Alphabet a can have a starting stroke in the Middle Zone.

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