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perfectly clean, neat, or tidy.

Rigidly Straight Baselines

Rigidly Straight Baselines

[2nd Principle of Exaggeration]

  • People who can simply fall the next step.
  • Given a chance will break rules.

Perfectionist - The baseline will be straight and even. This handwriting is that of a person who spends time putting everything in its place and reviews work trying to make it precise.

What to say

You are a person who seems to be always focused:

Dotted i

Doted i - Effort to dot very consistently and close to the alphabet.

  • Immaculate
  • Loyalty Aspect
    • Parents
    • Wife
    • Friends
    • Brands

Loyalty - Shown by a picture-perfect i-dot with no tail in any direction. Loyalty is a commitment to stand by those people or ideas that they consider worthy.

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