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the centre of interest or activity.

No Margins

No Margins

  • Compulsively busy.
  • Need to fill all available time with activity.
  • "Leaving no stone unturned". 

Notice: Handwriting of Charles Dickens’ writing A Christmas Carol

Type A Slant

Type A Slant - (88-92* on a perpendicular) is A Slant.

Thought:  Early responsibility. Before they were ready. Areas of Physical, Mental, Financial, Studies, and/or Siblings.


Straight Baselines

Straight Baselines. (Straightish)

  • Goal - Targets, focus.
  • Aim and objective are fairly clear.
  • With clear aims and objectives the travel line is shorter.
  • Thus success is more available to straight baselines.
  • Those who plan are better than people who have no plan.
  • Waste less time. Things are fast.
  • People who have received consistent guidance have straightish baselines. Mostly from the father figure.

What to say

You are a person with strong emotional control:

Extra Small Legible Handwriting

Extra Small Handwriting - [Miniature Legible]

  • Principle of Exaggeration. Positively.
  • Capable of looking at small things in a big way.
  • Capable of detailed research.
  • Ingenious - They can be genius.

Tip: This can be negative when other aspects are not proper. [Like margins]

What to say

You are thought of as a deep thinker:

Small Size Handwriting

Small Size- Less than 2.00 mm

  • Focus - Their concentration ability is high on details.
  • This person is thoughtful.
  • Thoughtful in spending time, money and energy.
  • They have personal goals. Individualistic goals.
  • Follower - They are followers.

Concentration - Extremely small writing. People that write tiny have the ability to shut everything out of their mind and fully concentrate on one thing at a time. Often, on a first impression, these people seem reserved.

What to say

Direct Top Down h

Top Down h - Person with direct stroke

  • Focus prominent on one thing.
  • Believes in specialization of labor.
  • They specialize in one field.
  • They don't waste your time.
  • Direct, they come to the point. They expect others to come to the point, direct.
  • Blunt.
  • Mature.

Tip: If other aspects are good don't argue on their subject.

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