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a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

Length Tall Exaggerated t Stem

When the t stem is very big. Exaggeration.

  • Not egoistic.
  • Not very clever.

This is an exaggeration. The individual has a very high ego. But otherwise is very easy to fool. Trying to show self as egoistic but opposite is true due to exaggeration [2nd Principle]


Length Tall t Stem

When t stem is taller than other letters in a line.

  • The person has big ego.
  • When there is more ego. The learning is less.

This individual's ego is more than his intelligence. A show off.

Notice: Word 'this'

Left Loop a

Left Loop a

Small PPI

Small PPI - Small ego.

Large PPI

Large PPI - Big ego. Somewhere inferiority complex.

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