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willfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it.

Downward t Crossbar - Dominating

 Downward t Crossbar.

This is a descending cross bar. These people do not achieve their goals hence get frustrated. Then they take out their irritation on close ones. People feel they are dominating.

  • When something good is not happening in their life.
  • Not very successful.

Dominant - Down slanted t-bar, to the right, with a blunt ending.

Club Strokes

Club Ending - Emotional intensity / temper

Seen in alphabets I Y PPI and on the cross bars of 't'.

  • Harsh
  • Cruel
  • Brutal
  • At times extremely.

This is an image of anger. Manifestation of anger.
It is related to pressure.
Rush creates harshness.

The club stroke in lower zone. Brutality in earthly drives. Sexually. Seen in alphabet y
The club stroke in upper zone - Brutal intelligently. Seen in alphabet h

Notice: PPI, various t cross bars 

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