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the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.

Bottom More Space Z


This 'Z' has little space in the upper portion and bigger space in the lower zone, which shows readiness to execute things.

Future Angular Stressed Hooked h

Future Hooked h

  • Hooked to future idea (UZ), event (MZ), action (LZ).
  • Stress due to angle formation.
  • Wants to reach the future to complete idea.

Tip: They inherit the right hook traits.


Past Angular Stressed Hooked h

Past Hooked h

  • Hooked (stuck) to past idea (UZ), event (MZ), action (LZ).
  • Intelligent (angles)
  • Stress due to angle formation.
  • They think the past was better than today.

Tip: They inherit the left hook traits.

All Action Less Planning f

All Action Less Planning f

  • Only action.
  • No or less planning.

Action oriented f

Action oriented f

  • Action oriented.
  • Influenced by mother or mothers relatives.
  • Mother well supported by her relatives.

Tip: Mother is mother figure

Forward Strokes f


Forward Strokes f

  • Person who believes in action. [All forward strokes]

No running f

No running f

  • Take action but not too much of running around.


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