Quick Tips:

  • Look far and get it close. Gestalt first then traits.
  • One or two same formations is thought, more is action, more is habit, all in character.
  • Best to start with the signature. Light and gets you attention.

Quickly review the principles used in handwriting analysis.

To achieve balance you should have faith in your work. With practice you get more balance. 1st Principle enhanced.


  • Right Side Page
  • Left Side Page
  • Upper Part
  • Lower Part
  • Writing Scripts
A page is the 24 hours one gets in a day. All get a page to write. You live only for a moment. On a long term a day.


Left Margin

No Margins

Right Margin

Top Margin

Margins means space and space means time.


Handwriting Size - Tells you the acceptance of challenge of the day.


Baselines are imaginary lines drawn under or below the written word on a unlined paper.
Baselines are easy to notice from a distance and at a perpendicular to the eye.


Handwriting Pressure - Speaks of the vitality, intensity and determination of the writer. It is the pressure of the pen on the paper. 


Line Spacing

Word Spacing

Alphabet Spacing

Handwriting Spacing are of three types.

Line Spacing
Word Spacing
Alphabet Spacing


Handwriting slants express the ability to express emotions.


Connections within alphabets between words. It means connection of thoughts. Writers attitude towards others.


Handwriting Zones - The balance.

Do you have this formation or do you know anyone or anything more?

Please do add your views, insights, realization, personal experience in the comment box.

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