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English Capitals

Alphabets in English language.


Capital A Capital B Capital C Capital D Capital E Capital F Capital G Capital H Capital I Capital J Capital K Capital L Capital M Capital N Capital O Capital P Capital Q Capital R Capital S Capital T Capital U Capital V Capital W Capital X Capital Y Capital Z

Well-formed Capitals - Capable of taking initiative and care for authority. A well-formed capital letter is approximately 2 to 2.5 times bigger than normal middle zone letter. This person takes a lot of initiatives. It shows the capacity of the person to take initiatives and care for authority.

Diminishing Capital - One with a diminishing capital letter seeks privacy and make not be very outgoing.

Capital size - Twice the size of Middle Zone.

Capitals double the size of middle zone.

Misplaced Capitals - Wrong Priorities. Unnecessary capitals/putting capitals where not required.
These people cannot prioritize things appropriately. They are not in a position to decide which things are more important. They give unnecessary importance to things that are not important.

Example of misplaced capitals.

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