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The alphabets where we see crossbar.

A E F H I J K L T t Z 

More prominently and with lot of variation in alphabet t.

Crossbar means with-holding your self. The crossbar shows the will to stay.

  • Have patience. Perseverance.
  • Endurance. Winning small races consistently.
  • Faith in your own work.

The t crossbar is the consistency.

Positiveness - A t-bar that is blunt and not pointed on the end. This writer makes statements with confidence and conviction. He will act like he knows the right answer even if he is not sure.

Let's understand the 't' crossbar and its significance. For every 't' that the writer writes he has to physically lift his pen, go back beyond the stem, cross the stem completely and then proceed ahead. This shows that the crossing of the 't' stem by the bar requires a certain amount of effort on the part of the writer. This effort is more evident by observing the length because the longer the length, the greater is the effort put in by the writer. This shows that the writer is fervent in all his efforts or the work that he undertakes. To put it simply the length of the 't' bar indicates the will power of the person. This means that the longer the length of the t crossbar the greater is the will power and vice versa. If a good length 't' bar is reflected consistently in the writing then it is a stamp of success for the person.

The left stands for the past and the right for the future. In the same way if we consider a 't' stem the left side of the stem stands for the past, the 't' stem is the present and the right side is the future. How one crosses the 't' bar denotes the way one carries the past life in the present and face the future. When we cross our 't' stem, we carry all our past memories and experiences with us into the present with our confidence and move into the future i.e. on the right side. The crossbar that we make on the stem of 't', it is optional, because if we see a 't' with no or very light cross bar, we still consider it as a 't'. This also shows the sustaining power or will power of the writer.


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