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Logical or Intuitive

Connections within alphabets between words. Connection means connection of thoughts. Writers attitude towards others.

Tip: Connected writing: Only 1st letter of word to be analyzed. If three or more alphabets are connected, that writing is called connected writing.

Connected Writer

Reliance upon logic to build careful conclusions, understands self first, reliable, consistent.

  • The memory recall is high.
  • More marks in exam.
  • Always asking why.
  • Looking out for links.

Disconnected Writer

Disconnection is lifting of pen from paper.

Disconnected writing: Any letter.

Reliance upon instinct and intuition, open to others thoughts and feelings. Independent, individualistic.

Tip: Disconnection for crossing the t or dotting the i is not considered disconnection.

Over Writing - Re-working tendency.

Lot of punctuation marks - Dramatic.

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