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Angular Connections

Angular Connections

Pressure Increases.

Seen in alphabets V M W N U

  • More determined.
  • More rigid.
  • Difficult to get along with angular writers in the long run.
  • Investigative.
  • Very sharp thinkers. Very clever.
  • Bad employees. Good employers.
  • Strategic.

Tense, excitable, goal-oriented, competitive, aggressive, decisive, logical, cold-blooded, strict, disciplined, dissatisfied, slow & thought, intolerant, persistent, idealistic, initiating.

Curious and Investigative - Sharp points on the top of the letters m, n, r, and/or h that penetrate the upper zone. A quick, investigative, and exploratory thinker sizes up people and situations instantly. Gets irritated by slow talkers.

What to say

You seem to be a serious person who may possibly enjoy gambling:

It may be that you gamble with money but you may also be the kind of person who has the tendency to gamble with people by challenging them and betting on their reactions or the projected outcome. You find that at times you can be stubborn and aggressive but you also enjoy the reputation of being a hardworking individual. Some people might think you have a twisted personality and depending on who those people are, you just might let them think what they want to think. In some small way, you have a tendency to get your kicks by knowing what they think and not trying to change their mind.

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